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lets go renggo

Rabu, 09 Desember 2009

ciao italia!

i flew to Rome with Easy Jet cost me 128EUR because of the too tight schedule. budget airlines is always all the same with the delayed schedule and bad costumer service. arrived in Rome at 3:50.
met an italian guy called Antonio Floresta in Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos, and we talk much about cultural thingy all over the world, most of in Asia, about religion and traveling. he's a lecturer of psychology in Italy. lived in Viterbo, near Rome.
suddenly being the part of a bunch mad italian who running panicly to the gate B22 after B2, because the airlines didnt give any prior announcement about the gate replacement. had a wonderful feelings about italian people, before i even step my foot on the land of Italy.
i also met a bunch of indonesian in Athens Airport, "selamat pagi loh mbak" wow, they are workers, sailors in a cruise line ship, called Louis Majesty, and they are going home until march. one of them, is also from makassar, Basri. thousand miles from home, we met in Athens. its nice to mention.
Arrived in Rome Leonardo Da Vinci - Fiumicino Airport, here is 1 hour late than Athens, took the train to Rome Termini (the city central) cost 12EUR, about 20 minutes. and then get lost for a while in Termini, because the station is so big, as the main central of transportation of Rome. Bus, Metro, city train, taxi, everything.
Met this Benjamin guy, who "konichiwa" me and ask if i were a Japanese. he happens to help me, giving direction to the address where i'm going, and help me find the right bus, its number 105. he keep saying he really likes asian girls, and said asian girls are very clean, beautiful and interesting. " i was dating a japanese girl for 4 years and went to tokyo, and stay for 6 month there" this Benjamin guy is from nice, france, he's also a teacher, he's in termini to pick up his mother and brother who came from Nice, for his birthday tomorrow. He ask me to join him to dinner with his family, and wants to get to know me better (wtf) and with western attitude, kissed me on the cheek and says nice to meet you and i hope you call me tomorrow (2nd wtf) oh well, he gave me his number (ngarep deh lo, boy!). well its okay, he kept saying bellisimo and don't take his eyes of me (3rd wtf) hahahah.
many people help me with my incredible ridiculously big suitcase today. 2 women suddenly help me in the stairway, in the bus, in the train, everywhere. it was very heart warming. a very nice welcome act here, in Rome.
And also, too many beautiful people here!! oh, too many beautiful guy, here. beautiful!

hopped on 105 to casilina, get off in torpignattara, malu bertanya sesat dijalan, too much asking question they send me to a phone booth to make a phone call. get lost again for a few minutes, mi scusi all the time, and then PRONTO, a snack bar called "il gatto ela volpe" and i'm arrived, via benedetto, bordoni 14, "feudo song" bell.
Her name is Francesca Rotolo, Sofia's best friend in Varese. she's an actress, a play director, a good person. She cook me dinner, an italian one, of course. she's slimmer and more beautiful in real life than her 'hot' picture on facebook. Her english is just enough to communicate and telling stories, about sofia, her boyfriend, her work, about italian, italy, rome, dancer, dubber, showing some direction, to go there and around.

"Physical Evidence And Reasoned Logic"

Francesco Orsenigo, he is what he wrote about himself. exactly.
"clueless,lazy, carefully unshaven"
he really didnt know what he wants, or like, and he is ended up trying too much things. he is brainy and sort of kinda intellectual type, and did endlessly boring discussion with me. yeah, he's trying so hard to dumb himself down, encouraging result?oh, well.
he believe in "Physical Evidence And Reasoned Logic" too complex for me. compassion, changing ideas and being perfect at 90%? no comment. and else, i can feel and see he is a really great tango dancer, he's a great cook, and i agreed about "push my limits, face my fears, do a lot of mistakes, learn"
last, thank you!
i left some of my things in Athens. too loose weight.
hope to see him again in Milan!

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just another girl

it takes two to tango

i fell in love, with tango. dance with me,
i'll be the queen you'll be my leader. i'll feel it all.

the calendar girl